When you go to a fabric store, there are rolls of fabric displayed, as far as the eye can see. The back of your pattern envelope has a list of suggested fabrics. Many fabrics can look alike but have very different properties, which makes a huge impact on the finished project. There are basically two categories of fabrics: Woven and Knit.

Woven fabrics are created by two sets of threads, one set running the length of the fabric, the other running across the width. These two sets of threads are intertwined together in different weaving patterns, forming fabrics with various surface effects. Woven fabrics have little or no stretch to them, but are very stable to work with.

Knit fabrics are created by looping a single thread around itself in a specific pattern, forming a piece of stretchy fabric. Since the fabric is created in this way, it doesn’t fray when cut, which makes finishing the edges unnecessary.

There are many types of Woven and Knit fabrics available, with different looks, weights and characteristics, suitable for various end uses. To help guide you we created a handy Fabric Glossary.

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