Fashion Design Design Course (For Android / iPhone)

$ 199.00

$ 499.00


Learn how to start your brand and design like a professional designer.

Sign up for the new FashionHustler App.  Classes start on June 1st. 


Do you want to start your brand? Or do you want to learn how to design like a professional?  Well, the weather is getting warm, and everyone's starting their brand.
The time to start is now. 

I'll cover everything I've learned, over the past 20 years as a designer, from beginning to end...
-Logo design.
-Custom pieces.
-Adobe design programs.
-Tshirt graphics.
-Clothing CADS.
-Screenprinting techniques.
-Garment construction/Fabric information.
-Locating manufacturers.
-Product photography.
-Sales/trunk shows.
-Drop shipping.
-Wholesale accounts.
-Setting up an S Corp business or LLC.
-Opening a business bank account to establish business credit.
-Tricks/Tips/Shortcuts that designers rarely share with anyone.
-Interviews with entrepreneurs/designers/sales reps & manufacturers.
-How to properly make money as a freelance designer.
-How to secure a design job with an established company. 
-Free Downloadable graphics CADs and designs from my personal collection.

I've worked with many celebrities and brands for the past 2 decades, and the FashionHustler Design course will be the most advanced online course for fashion design, that has ever been created, so far.

Class starts June 1st.

The course was originally $499 for the full 12 week course, but is now only $199.

I personally guarantee to refund your investment back, if you don't make at least $199, in the following 3 months, after the course is finished. You can't lose.

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