Vintage DVD Collection - All 4 Volumes

Vintage DVD Collection - All 4 Volumes

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These DVDs were filmed from the years 2006 - 2014. The resolution is not HD quality, but, the content is good!

Fashionhustler DVDs Vol.1-4 FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.

This bundle includes all 4 of the FashionHustler DVDs, and is a must have to add to your collection.

 Fashionhustler Volume #1

Graphics-Logos - Creating your logo or graphics should be unique and make sure that you’re not infringing on another companies designs. Get the inside scoop on how to do the right thing. Learn “how to” here.

Screenprinting - To print or not to print, that is the question. There are many options to making a garment. Screenprints. Heat transfers, Embroideries, etc. Learn which is what, and when to use which one.

Trademarking - Do you trademark or copyright your designs? Most people cannot tell the difference. That’s why you need this DVD, to find out the meaning of eahc one and when to apply them.

Sales - How do I approach store owners to carry my product? Should I try consignment? COD? What about Net 30? Net 60? Returns? Chargebacks? Here’s some info to point you the right direction.


Fashionhustler Volume #2

CLOTHING CADS - Why spend hours creating CADS from scratch? We show you the short cuts and secrets that designers use to create stunning and astonishing clothing cads for presentations & portfolios. 

SNEAKERS CADS - Learn how to create sneaker cads for your collection, or to practice designing for your portfolio, if you’re trying to get a job as a sneaker designer. 

ACCESORIES - Accesories are a necessary part of your line.  Watch how we create ours and learn all the tricks and tips, that designers don’t show you.

HATS & MORE...- We love hats, of all kinds... Fitteds, Truckers, SnapBacks, Buckets, etc. We have a chapter on hat design showing you how to do 3 different angles on the fitted hat style.


Fashionhustler Volume #3

INVENTIONS - Do you have a great idea? Have you ever seen one of your ideas on TV, and wished you would have done something about it before someone else did? You and 1 million other people have felt the same way. That's why you need to learn about creating inventions, prototypes and all the other topics that come along with it. 

PROVISIONAL PATENTS - Whats the difference between a regular patent, or a provisional patent (PPA)? Come find out.

DESIGN PATENTS - Design patents are unique and separate from utility patents. Come find out the length and coverage of a design patent versus a utility patent.

UTILITY PATENTS - Learn about the details regarding utility patents and the years of coverage, before the invention becomes public domain. 

LICENSING - Now that you have a prototype, and you filed your patent paperwork, what's the next step? Licensing is the key to getting paid off of your inventions. Learn the intricacies of licensing, and and the details that come with it.


Fashionhustler Volume #4

DROP SHIPPING - Do you want to have a business that requires little effort, and no start up cash? If so, then this DVD is for you. Drop shipping will allow you to start your business with no upfront capital, no inventory, and all from the comfort of your couch. As long as you have a computer with internet connection, then you can begin today.

PRINT ON DEMAND - You can kiss the screen print process goodbye. New technology allows you to begin your line with no minimums. Print on demand can be done anywhere, with as little as one item, or many, unlike the bulk minimum requirements that screen printing requires. This DVD will show you step by step how to make your design, and order it from the Direct To Garment print company that I use.


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